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We sincerely express our humble hospitality and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our regular readers and random visitors!This site is being set up to facilitate those who are interested and want to learn Dhamma. Whether you are a first time Dhamma learner or intermediate, or advanced, this site will benefit you in many levels. The easy-to-understand and simple Khmer lessons explain point by point, one lesson at a time in the form of question and answer or in a general context. Advanced students can use the lessons as refreshment and revision courses since they are all full of Dhamma essences extracted directly from Prah Tri Bidak. There is so much to learn and there is not so much time. The website will try to put together at your fingertips the many thousand hours of Dhamma lectures taught by three of Cambodia’s most prominent teachers at different locations in the world. We hope to reach out and expand the teaching of Dhamma to as many Khmer learners and enthusiasters as possible in an efficient, less time and less space consuming method. Parallel to this goal, also as important, is the need to promote and preserve our teaching materials brought forth by our revered teachers. The website, therefore, will also help protect and preserve these Dhamma treasures for future Khmer children.

Dhamma4Khmer Mission Statement: TO SERVE, TO LIBERATE AND TO ACHIEVE THROUGH DHAMMA We hope to serve your needs and that you find what you are looking for.

Yours In Dhamma,

The Editors


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